Il outside the box

New Il of Sole 24 Ore. Nothing can make us lose the desire to direct our thoughts to beauty, to the future, to doing.

Il changes. Change everything. It comes out of the traditional men’s patterns to offer each month something unique and rigorously outside the box, even outside the box. A different magazine, every month. Innovative number after number, indeed episode after episode. Like a TV series, a different episode every month. A decalogue of guests and special initiatives, one for each issue

Il becomes a magazine-destination, to be read, tasted, lived, discovered to cultivate passions that become actions.

As anticipated to the market in February in an event at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, the new Il changes logo, format, editorial scan and uses a new international art direction. Not only. At the same time as the new Il, a new site is also born, which becomes a full-fledged part of the site, within a dedicated section where the contents of the magazine find space with in-depth information and ad hoc content for the digital reader , at With the aim of strengthening the synergy between the online publication, Il can be reached directly from the Sole 24 Ore website, of which it inherits the general structure with an adaptation of layout in line with its new image.

The digital presence of Il also provides for the possibility to browse the magazine within the Il Sole 24 Ore app. Interactive involvement is also developed in social profiles on which Il is very present and followed both on Facebook and, in particular, on Instagram with the profile @ 24ilmagazine.

In support of the new Il, a teaser communication campaign is planned which reveals, in preview, the re-design of the logo and underlines the change through the “New Il. Outside the box” concept. The color grid plays on the new image of the magazine from which the logo emerges to enhance the magazine’s innovative contents.

The teaser campaign is planned on both the paper and digital and social media of the 24 ORE Group, as well as on the websites of the 24 ORE System network and in the trade press.

But not only: Il plants a tree for each number. Always attentive to sustainability, the new Il has put in place a collaboration with Treedom, a community which includes more than 2500 companies, 67 thousand farmers and 415 thousand people. A community that has the goal of planting trees to carry out agro-forestry projects in various parts of the world and, thanks to the collaboration with Certified B Corporations, an even wider network, interacts with companies that stand out for their high environmental and social performance. With Treedom, Il will plant its own global forest and for each tree it will be possible to know the exact geolocation, see the photo when it is planted and follow the history of the project that it will help to achieve. The trees will also be visible inside the new Il site.

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