IL May issue

A silent and crazy spring. The climate changes and as bees and insects disappear there is something to be crazy about. Meanwhile, Italy goes crazy for ginger, Africa tries to become a single market and IL flies to Colombia for a reportage between coca plantations and the old FARC haunts.

Protagonists, themes and trends. Interviews and travel reports. Lifestyle and leisure time. All recounted with the unique style of the Il Sole 24 ORE masculine. IL, the man has no spare time to spare.

On newsstands with the newspaper from Friday 26 April to 0.50 euros in addition to the price of the newspaper.

IL represents an irreplaceable choice in a successful planning for brands that appeal to a male target of a high demographic and social profile, a professional who seeks, even during the weekend, the deepening but also the latest entertainment news and opportunities for self-assertion.

A target strongly oriented towards technology (142), which is a great traveler, both for work reasons (158), and for tourist reasons (138), strongly oriented towards technology (142), heavy user of cars, who loves to drive (128 ) and particularly attentive to the brand (140) and advertising (162).

Source TSSP 2018B Target man reader Sole24 Ore- Concentration Indices.

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