If winning is the only thing that matters

“If the world resembles an football field in an impressive way … sitting on the immense green carpet to dig our holes with its pure gold pallet, there is still Lionel Messi”. These are the words of Leonardo Colombati to open the “perfect match” of the issue of IL, male, on newsstands from 30 August with Il Sole 24 Ore.

A cover dedicated to football, games and business, epic and comedy, secular faith and a demigod factory: as the new season begins, a team of writers puts its formation in the field. Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Balotelli, Dani Alves, Andrea Belotti, Mattia Destro, Manolo Prestin, Daley Blind, Aron Gunnarson, Nicolò Barella, Vagner Love, and precisely Leo Messi.

Great myths and champions of the province, never arrived to play in the top flight: 11 players protagonists of 11 unpublished portraits of authors. Like the one written by Andrea Vitali, in his zoomorphic interpretation of the balloon, which lists the “riches we have under our eyes and make life sweet, because of football lives not only those who practice it, but also those who enjoy it from a stand or curve , or even from a sofa”. Or like Enrico Brizzi who theorized: “In football, winning will also be the only thing that matters, but winning with eleven soldiers on the field is less gratifying than being able to be guided by a” madman “surrounded by the aura of legend”.

Not only football and sport on the September issue of the men’s del Sole 24 Ore, but a focus on challenges and business opportunities. Starting with the phenomenon of over fifty start-ups. In the Istat and Mise Startup Survey, 33.5 percent are between 45 and 64, 35.6 percent are between 35 and 44. In the aftermath of the G7 and global concerns for the Amazon, it cannot miss a focus on major climate change due to pollution and its impact on the everyday life of each of us, including “conversations about time”, once a good topic to break the ice with the classic repertoire of clichés and half-seasons, today a theme red-hot, which, more than politics and football, divides into opposing sides.

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