How To Spend It – Venice stage

Art, crafts, unique pieces, jewelry and beauty. The magazine is a special issue about the wonders that surround us, from art to design, to luxury jewelry and to self-care. A trip to different regions to discover the charm of the world we live in.

On the occasion of the opening of 2022 Biennale d’Arte, How to Spend it – on newsstands with Il Sole 24 Ore on Friday 22 April – has created a special issue set right in Venice, with a cover story that is an invitation to explore, to discover the most secret wonders of the city.

There are three main topics.

Art is the great protagonist of this issue, starting with two exclusive interviews: with David LaChapelle and the meeting with Jean-Paul Claverie.

The second major protagonist of the April issue of How to Spend it is high jewelery. Unique collectible pieces, but also new trends such as the mix of golds of different colors (white, yellow, pink and even black) or like the new course of the Blue Box.

The third protagonist of the issue is beauty also intended as personal care. Space therefore for the latest cosmetic innovations, the aesthetics of textures and an idea of ​​make-up as an art of decorating and painting the face. Plus a trip to a spa, in search of the most innovative treatments.

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