How to Spend It looks down the world

The new issue of How To Spend It changes the observation point and looks at the world and especially the future from a vantage point and at 360 degrees: from above.

How to Spend it went up on the roof of Europe, Mont Blanc, at nearly 4,000 meters, with the new cable car SkyWay Mont Blanc. It is the highest cable car in Europe, and is a technological marvel of glass and steel.

Always on the snow, but in the heart of Alaska, luxury is reach unspoiled places. There are no roads in Wrangell-St. Elias and the best way to visit this nature reserve is – once again – from above, with a personalized safari plane.

From the top of the cosmos comes the inspiration of the architect Charles Jencks, who creates gardens built according to the rules of the universe.

The new issue of HTSI is available at the newsstands as of December 4th.