How to Spend It February issue

Art and Fashion from Berlin to Miami, on newsstands from tomorrow with Il Sole 24 Ore.

The new issue of How To Spend It, the monthly luxury and lifestyle magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore on newsstands from tomorrow (February 1st), is dedicated to “Making Network”. 74 pages in total, 30 of which included advertising.

For Nicola Gardini, professor, poet and painter, in the interview in (Pre) visions of the time by the director Nicoletta Polla Mattiot, the letters of the alphabet with their stupendous economy, with the last rarefaction of the sign, are pictorial traces and writing in verse is like painting, it is grasping the affinity of the distance of words. In fashion, the network is metaphysical for a metamorphosis, like the creations of Iris van Herpen, brain works to be worn and exhibited.

Dresses that interface with fashion and architecture, with music, with technology. In architecture, the network becomes creative illusion in a game of mirrors. Visual labyrinths, where the reflected image doubles the space and the furnishings become portraits, between optical deception and multidimensional games that redraw the boundaries, with perspective furnishings and multi-dimensional sculptures.

In art, the network is form. 100 years after its foundation, the Bauhaus still represents innovation in design. Experimental approach, essential lines and practical sense. How to Spend It advice is to invest in shape, to invest in photography. Network as a relationship, as a passion. This is taught by Florian Lemberger, founder of the Supercar Owner Circle.

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