How to spend it accessories

Christmas is coming, and with the global pandemic, it will be precious because it reminds us of the value of being united and close, perhaps not physically, but certainly with the heart, with emotions and thoughts. To meet us in the ideas of classic Christmas thoughts, here is the SPECIAL ACCESSORIES of the How to Spend It magazine on Friday 20 November with Il Sole 24 Ore. Gift ideas for her, for him and for two, and ideas suitable for living together.

From diamond or cashmere jewels for her, to techno gadgets and car detailing for him. From the creations of Pierre Hardy, jewels that dance between anatomy and geometry, to cultivate the surprise in those who choose them, to the plastic of the seas that can become virtuous, from waste to sustainable material, a theme so dear to How to spend it.

There are many luxury brands that have invested and created environmentally friendly products such as watches, jackets, sweaters, shoes, eyewear and furniture, all strictly produced with tons of plastic collected every day in our seas.

Ideas for two, alternative meditation. In close contact with donkeys, horses and alpacas. It is not the classic pet therapy, it is a new line of alternative meditation that exploits the presence of animals. In the woods of Carrega yoga is practiced with donkeys, in Maremma and in Tyrol trekking with alpacas and in Tuscia horse healing lessons.

Services of beauty, travel, art, motorcycles and high-powered racing cars also present in this issue, always in the perspective that luxury is above all service and that the reader of How to Spend it can experience, find, know the place to buy it.

Finally, a report on creative couples: dialogues of affinity or confrontations of opposites. In design as in fashion, this is nothing new: working together is an accelerator for individual visions. If this has always been the case, what changes today is the partnership formula. Neither founding union nor simple collaboration, rather a stable maturity shared after long independent paths. That refounds the concept of co-creation, a new path for this new world.

The Accessories Special of HOW TO SPEND IT will be followed by the Specials of Il Sole 24 Ore dedicated to the world of luxury in view of Christmas: the Special Watches on November 24 and the Jewelery Special on December 3, enriched by an online Dossier on the website in the Moda24 channel, which will offer original content, insights, photogalleries and videos.

The main brands in the jewelery and personal items sector supported the Accessories Special issue of How to Spend It which, with the Speciale Orologi del Sole 24 Ore out on November 24th and the Speciale Gioielli del Sole 24 Ore out on December 3rd, complete the Group’s offer with significant advertising sales on the integrated luxury system.

The advertising campaign in support of this issue is scheduled on the 24 ORE Group media, both print, online and social.

How to Spend It Special accessories to be released on Friday 20 November with Il Sole 24 Ore.