Hands off the cities

Apology (anti-phobic and anti-apocalyptic) of urban life on newsstands from Friday 30 October with Il Sole 24 Ore.

The glacial images of our deserted metropolises have pushed the apocalyptics to shout at the end of the cities and at the return of a rural, almost bucolic horizon of countryside and villages. Hands off the city, this is the theme of the new issue of IL, the male magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore on newsstands with the newspaper from Friday 30 October with a special cover: the protagonist is chef Davide Oldani who  interpreted the fashion of the monthly magazine.

In the transversality of themes and contents, which is the vocation of the magazine, a physical space devoted to digital (Meet, an absolute novelty in the Italian panorama that opens on October 31st) becomes the stage of a reportage on the city and an opportunity for an apology for urban life, the need to defend and preserve it, despite the many current difficulties, because it has always been the cultural, democratic and social heart and cradle. They reflect one of the most important contemporary thinkers on the city, Richard Florida, together with Luca Molinari and some writers.

All accompanied and narrated by the images of Davide Oldani, who wears seasonal garments, giving his face and his style to the new collections, precisely to enhance, together with the cuisine, the other great Italian excellence, which in Milan has its own center: fashion. Not only on November 14 Oldani, presenter of Radio 24 in the program “Mangia come parli”, will be back on newsstands and in bookstores with his new book “Mangia come parli Pop Rhapsody”, a round trip of the culinary traditions of the 20 Italian regions respecting the seasonality of the products.

Finally, in the pages dedicated to sport, if there was a cup for the most divisive protagonist in the world of football, he would surely win it, the “Special One”. José Mourinho retraces the stages of his career with IL in an interview that reserves the big surprise at the last minute, like in a real football game.

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