Gruppo 24 ORE and Financial Times renew their three-year agreement

For the production of physical and digital events of international significance from Italy.

An agreement of strategic importance together with the two successful events “Made in Italy Summit” and “Women at the top”. New initiatives and projects will be carried out through FT Live and 24 ORE Eventi.

An alliance that continues between two leading publishers of economic-financial information. As underlined by the General Director of Media & Business of the Gruppo 24 ORE and CEO of 24 ORE Eventi Federico Silvestri, there are the values that unite them: credibility and authority, which make Il Sole 24 Ore and the Financial Times safeguards of democracy and, therefore, of freedom in an era marked by infodemics and fake news; innovation, which both pursue by keeping up with technological change, so as to establish themselves as two absolute excellences in the field of multimedia, but always in full respect of environmental, social and economic sustainability.