Great success of 24ORE Eventi with GSE

Over 2,300 connected users, 1 hour and twenty minutes the average connection time, more than 150 live chat sessions.

The first web conference organized by 24 ORE Eventi, the 24 ORE Group Company led by Federico Silvestri, active in the production and organization of conferences, road-shows, summits and tailor-made projects, which took place today to present The Gse 2019 Activity Report.

Over 2,300 users have logged in, upon registration, and have followed, on average, for 1 hour and twenty minutes the streaming work to investigate not only the actions that GSE has put in place for sustainable development, working in synergy with the Public Administration, businesses and citizenship, but also the current situation of the energy system in our country and the evolutionary prospects, both nationally and internationally.

The format created by 24 ORE Eventi in collaboration with SHAA, an Italian tech company, allowed a wide interaction of users, who were able to ask their questions through a moderate chat with over 150 live sessions, one of the features available together with the possibility of conduct real-time surveys and share digital content for download.

The event organized for GSE is part of a chain called Interactive Event 24, which is flanked by Live Streaming 24 initiatives, broadcast live mainly from the offices of the 24 ORE Group, accessible and open to the public on the various digital platforms, starting from website and up to the social media channels, thus reaching the total audience of the 24 ORE Group.

For both methods, the full registration of the event is envisaged starting from the day following its performance.

The next events scheduled in May will be the first stage of the GIOIN roadshow (May 15), organized in collaboration with Digital Magics on the themes of Open Innovation, while the two-day BUSINESS TECH FORUM will be held on 25 and 26 May with an intense online dating program.

The success of this first digital appointment confirms the role of 24 ORE Eventi as an irreplaceable partner alongside stakeholders and the country in the fundamental phase of restarting and relaunching.

The constant commitment in the development of editorial formats and the digital use of content is combined with the ability to systematise business stories, institutional initiatives, testimonies of the opinion leaders of reference in each sector, put in place by the editorial offices of the Group 24 ORE, always involved in the design of the various initiatives of 24 ORE Eventi.

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