From 6 September the new Radio 24 schedule

Is multi-channel and integrated. A story of Italy rising again, with particular attention to sustainability and digitalization, a journey through the territory to discover a new normality, also narrated with the lightness of irony.

Radio 24 is the first Italian radio with an integrated schedule between live and on-demand, with podcasts and original content for multi-channel usability. In the new 2021-2022 schedule, starting from 6 September, Radio 24 wants to tell, with the authoritative information and the excellent narration that have always characterized it, the new challenges, the new everyday life and the changes of an Italy that, with signs of recovery and encouraging prospects, gets up and starts again.

A closer look at the digital transformation and sustainability that will characterize the recovery and a journey across the territory, in the “Radio News” and in the reports of the editorial staff “Le Italie del post covid”, which will collect the testimonies of Italy that is growing after the pandemic crisis.

There will also be a bit of lightness with the entry of characters to help us snatch a smile in the story of everyday life. Here are the news: Enrico Bertolino arrives with a double appointment, “Sostiene Bertolino”, on Fridays at 1.20 pm within “Effetto giorno” and on Sunday mornings from 9.00 am to 10.00 am within “Si può fare”, to understand what are the real positive notes of the week in the news and sustainability with a smile. And more room for irony in “Uno, Nessuno 100 Milan” with a greater presence of Leonardo Manera together with Alessandro Milan (Monday-Friday from 9.00 to 11.00).

Another novelty is the arrival, after years in Rai, of Francesco Adinolfi: Radio 24 enriches its musical offer every Sunday, from 7.15 pm to 8.00 pm, with “Ultrapop”, a program that links the history of pop music to the one of Italy starting from his post-war years. Also Gianluca Nicoletti’s program, “Melog” (at 12.00), will have a new appointment “Alla ricerca di un nuovo equilibrio” to investigate how some styles of our life are changing.

And then a new narrative format for Matteo Caccia who tells stories in “Matteo Caccia racconta. Storie di rinascita” (at 3.00 pm) will illustrate emblematic episodes of people who have been able to get up and start again. In addition, even more attention to the world of engines and automotive with the arrival of the daily “Smart car” appointment by Massimo De Donato on air from 8.45 pm: the 4-wheel sector is in fact one of those that most has to face the new challenges of sustainability and ecological transition and Radio 24 has therefore decided to investigate trends, models and changes in the automotive world.

All the other appointments of the Radio 24 schedule are confirmed from Monday to Friday and over the weekend, given the strong growth of the share in the last three quarters of the survey gained by the broadcaster directed by Fabio Tamburini.

Innovative is the proposal of the new multi-channel integrated listening methods that makes Radio 24 the first Italian radio with a schedule combined with broadcast productions and on-demand productions, expanding the offer of original podcasts with new content, available both on the radio website and on all major platforms.

“24Mattino” with Simone Spetia will close the week with an original Podcast, “Una cosa per volta”, which at the end of the week will deepen one of the topics covered on the air, among those that listeners have deemed most interesting. “2024”, the weekly appointment with technology by Enrico Pagliarini, adds a daily appointment in Podcast: “Digital News, the news of 2024”, with current sector information in Italy and around the world.

The original Podcast “La Variante Parenzo” is confirmed: the daily commentary of one of the conductors of “La Zanzara”, David Parenzo. “I Padrieterni”, Federico Taddia’s weekly appointment for fathers, will explore the world of children with an original Podcast, narrating the Italy of tomorrow with “Next generation”: stories of young people who stand out in music, in sport, in research and which will represent the face of our country in the coming years.

To these is added a completely multichannel product: “Il Serpente Corallo Social Club”, with a short appointment broadcast on Sunday morning and an on-demand development, with the advice of Il Sole 24 Ore journalists Mauro Meazza, Marco Lo Conte and Stefano Elli to become familiar and possibly avoid the small and big daily scams, that are the “coral snakes” always lurking to bite our savings. And again in multichannel mode, the programs of the schedule are also extended with off-air insights through the digital round tables and events.

Much more on the Radio 24 website for multimedia listening available on all major platforms. Have a good listening!

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