FormatMPEG Audio (mp3)
Format versionVersion 1
Format profileLayer 3
Format settingsJoint stereo / MS Stereo
Format duration5”, 10”, 15”, 20”, 25”, 30” Depending on the programme
Audio specs128 kB/s, 48.0 kHz, stereo CBR (Constant Bit Rate)
Audio level-14 LUFS
TrackingImps pixel: No
Click command: No
NoteThe file must be trimmed from seconds of silence at the beginning and ending.
Material deliveryFinal deadline for delivering the material: 3 working days prior to airing.
The materials should only be uploaded onto the Group’s portal at the following address: https://portalemateriali.system24.gruppo24ore.com
Under “Send new material”, select “Radio” and then under “Recipients”, select “radio24 podcast”.

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