For the first time in Italy: a Passion for Fashion

The Fashion Special of How to Spend It. After Superior Interiors dedicated to luxury design comes the monograph dedicated to women’s fashion. The first issue on newsstands from Friday 4 October 2019 with Il Sole 24 Ore

Five years after the launch on the Italian market of the edition of How to Spend it, a historical magazine of the Financial Times dedicated to luxury and lifestyle, and two years after the launch of the special Superior Interior, entirely dedicated to design, arrives for the first time in Italians newsstands  with Il Sole 24 Ore, A PASSION FOR FASHION, How to Spend It Special Fashion, entirely dedicated to the passion for women’s fashion, haute couture and pret-à-porter, and accessories. Two releases, October and March, in correspondence with the fashion shows and fashion weeks from New York to London, from Milan to Paris.

A PASSION FOR FASHION, is the magazine that selects the best of creativity, luxury, clothing and feminine beauty, with insights into new trends, the point about seasonal collections, interviews with characters and fashion protagonists, surveys on the future of the sector, retail, stores around the world to discover emerging talents online and offline. Plus a special focus on sustainability, which is the “theme” of contemporary fashion.

The format is the same as How to Spend It, to give ample value and space to the image and contents: ‘two newspapers in one’, beautiful to look at and rich in reading, authorial both of the point of view of visual appeal and of services realized by great photographers, both from the narrative point of view, with a strong experiential variation, where every dress, every store, every character is narrated of the living.

A non-contemplative newspaper, where everything responds to the invitation: take action, everything you read about A PASSION FOR FASHION is an invitation to try, experiment, discover, buy. Addresses, telephone numbers, practical information facilitate the reader who always knows how and where to find any object in the magazine, how to book a unique or custom-made piece, how to repeat every experience told in the magazine.

For the market A PASSION FOR FASHION wants to be the reference point for fashion and everything that sets a 360 ° trend in the high-end world, such as How to Spend It, which is now a benchmark for all luxury lifestyle, designed for those who love spending to invest in beauty, well-being, in their personal and social image, in real estate and in decor decor, with assertiveness, distinction, intelligence and sophisticated taste, in an extremely personal and personalized way.

A PASSION FOR FASHION is designed, therefore, in particular for the readers of How to Spend it, with the aim of meeting their needs to be updated, in a more specific and dedicated way, on the best of luxury fashion and beauty .

In support of the new magazine, a communication campaign was planned on paper, radio, digital and social media of the 24 ORE Group, on air in the week before its debut and on the newsstand channel. The newsstand activity will take place in particular through the circuit of the new digital iRotors on Milan, consisting of 150 LCD screens placed at selected Milanese newsstands.

In addition, a special distribution was planned for the issue of the magazine in the airports and railway stations of Milan, supported by the presence for a week in the monitor circuit of Malpensa T1 and T2 airports, in the Central Station and on Milan city, again during the week before the newsstand release.

To complete the special initiatives for the launch of A PASSION FOR FASHION, a targeted distribution in the best luxury hotels in Milan.

The new How to Spend It monograph will be presented with an event in Milan, organized in collaboration with Grandi Stazioni Retail, scheduled for Thursday 3 October in the Mosaic Gallery of the Central Station, which will see A PASSION FOR FASHION star for one night.

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