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The new issue of Il on newsstands with Il Sole 24 Ore from Friday 28 August.

An outpost beyond the land borders inhabited for exactly twenty years without interruption. What if the most hospitable place in the world was Space? The new issue of IL opens with this question.

At a sidereal distance from the problems facing our planet, yet with very close research and applications, which impact on our daily lives, for twenty years man has lived continuously on the International Space Station: the “most beautiful ship“, as he says, exclusively for IL, Paolo Nespoli who lived there for 313 days in his ‘space room’.

The concept of the world has changed, explains Nespoli, seen from the outside, the Earth appears more beautiful and more fragile, and the responsibility to preserve it manifests itself in an even more indisputable way.

Our borders have changed: the so-called low orbit, the altitude at which the Space Station is located, but also many satellites, is now part of the terrestrial world and is the basis of many services that are indispensable today, from telecommunications to geolocation. And soon, much sooner than we expect, we will be adding the Moon to this familiar territory. The fact is that Space is no longer just a place to push scientific research to its extreme limits, but an environment with enormous commercial potential.

And Italy plays an important role in the game: to understand how and why IL visited the Turin headquarters of Thales Alenia Space, which built half of the inhabited part of the Space Station and which will play an important role in the upcoming colonization of the Moon, and Altec, from where the next European mission to Mars will be coordinated.

Furthermore, the international structure has changed: in the list of those who operate beyond the borders of the Earth there are no longer only the space agencies of the great powers, but private companies, sometimes even small ones, and many unsuspected nations, from Costa Rica to the United Arab Emirates. , to Rwanda.

Finally, our imaginary has also changed radically, as shown by the parallel between antiquity and modernity traced by the antiquist Giorgio Ieranò and the stories written exclusively for IL by three great Italian authors who in Space, even if only metaphorically, do not they had never ventured before: Andrea Tarabbia, Ilaria Tuti and Chiara Valerio.

Returning to Earth, we cannot miss the insights into the current events of IL: while the whole world is asking for transparent investigations and the truth about Alexei Navalny, the leader of the Russian opposition, Anna Zafesova accompanies us to discover the “real” Siberia.

There are many interviews, from the unusual back and forth in images with the genius of design Phillippe Starck to the playlist tailored for the readers of IL by the great chansonnier Paolo Conte, which tells his life only with songs and notes.

Large space for fashion, which in this issue takes stock of autumn trends, jackets, coats, dresses: the service is set at the San Siro racecourse in Milan and hosts an unpublished story by a writer passionate about racing, Alberto Bertoni.

And on the last page, space for feelings, thanks to the usual appointment with Luca Ricci’s mail of the heart.

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