Festival of Economics – Trento

The high public turnout, website and social networks confirm the success for the 24 ORE Group and Trentino Marketing formula: 4 inserts dedicated to the event, an online super-dossier on the Sole 24 Ore website. Radio 24, in addition to the 5 live shows, broadcast 16 live programs from Piazza Cesare Battisti.

The just ended 17th edition of the Trento Festival of Economics, saw for the first time the 24 ORE Group together with Trentino Marketing in the role of organizers on behalf of the Province of Trento and with the contribution of the Municipality and of the University of Trento.

The data confirm the success of the new formula, mainly due to the great participation by the public and by the over 600 speakers, 35% of which women, in the 228 events scheduled between Festivals, “Fuori Festival” (new 2022), “Economia dei territori”, “Incontri con l’autore” and the live Radio 24 event. Success of the Festival also with regard to the attendance of the public: during the Festival the accommodation facilities of Trento, as declared by the APT of Trento, recorded a sell-out as was the case for the two classical music concerts – that of the Cremona Violin Museum Foundation and the concert directed by M. Salvatore Accardo – for the special meeting with Mahmood, for the evening-event with Zelig’s comedians and for the 5 live Radio shows 24, including “Zanzara meets fans”.


A high-tech festival, with 66 events streamed from the video platform of the Festival of Economics, which also allows the reviewing of all the Festival’s meetings on demand. To date, more than 100,000 active users have followed the events in streaming and on demand on the platform and over 400,000 users connected on the home page of Il Sole 24 Ore.com during the streaming of the events. There are also more than 200,000 video views of all the clips produced on the events of the Festival by the online editorial staff of Il Sole 24 Ore, with the most viewed videos on the protagonists of the economic world as well as on the protagonists of the “Fuori Festival” conceived by the 24 ORE Group. Contents have been viewed 4.8 million times.

The awards

A Festival aimed in particular at young people, with two contests dedicated to them: the “Visioni di futuro” initiative for university students and doctoral students, which awarded 10 works on the themes of gender equality, the energy transition, and the hackathon “Made in Italy Challenge ”, organized in collaboration with Financial Times and Il Sole 24 Ore, which saw 25 young innovators under 35 present their innovative business ideas for the relaunch of Made in Italy to the audience of the Festival. In addition to these, there are 2 prizes launched at the Festival: the “Premio Impresa Sostenibile” by the 24 ORE Group and the Pontifical Academy for Life which will be awarded in October to the most sustainable small and medium-sized enterprises, and the “Premio letterario di Saggistica Economica e Sociale”, aimed at Italian and foreign authors for unpublished texts written in Italian promoted by Sole 24 Ore.

The media

The 24 ORE Group, present in Trento with 150 people, has deployed all the necessary means of divulgation to describe the days of the Festival by creating four inserts dedicated to the event, starting from Friday 3 June until Tuesday 7 June, an online super-dossier on the Sole 24 Ore website and constantly feeding digital platforms and social channels. Radio 24, in addition to 5 live shows, broadcast 16 live programs from Piazza Cesare Battisti, allowing the Trento public to meet their favorite conductors and experience the emotions of live radio and behind the scenes. In addition to the media of the 24 ORE Group, the five media partners (ElEconomista.es, Financial Times, Rai Radio1, Rai Radio3 and Sky Tg24) and 28 Business Partners were present.

On the information front, the press office of the Province mobilized about a hundred journalists, administrative and secretarial staff, operators, photographers, IT professionals. About 160 press releases were produced, of which 16 were translated into German. 369 accredited journalists this year, of which 249 present in Trento, with correspondents from the most important national newspapers and 10,000 photographs. The press review saw a total of over 400 articles in newspapers, of which 206 articles in national newspapers, 164 in local Trentino and South Tyrolean ones, in addition to 48 publications in newspapers in other Italian regions. 1,566 web articles and 200 radio and television services. For an assessment of the success of the public, it should also be considered that, to date, there are 1,104 subscribers to the Festival newsletter, in addition to 91 subscribers to the one in German and 13 to the translation into English.