Enter the dream factory

Bringing Stefano Accorsi on a fashion set is not easy, but if the set is in one of the most important European film archives, another story begins. Thus begins the new issue of IL, the men’s del Sole 24 Ore, which will be released on Friday, November 29th with the daily paper, where the show starts with pizzas, slow motion and projection rooms. Stefano Accorsi enters what he calls the “dream factory”, in the Cineteca of Bologna, a place of expression of the excellence of Italian creativity, interpreting, exclusively for IL, the fashion photo shoot and tells of his artistic career.

And if the holidays are approaching, IL thinks about Christmas also from the point of view of numbers: one out of all, 75 thousand. These are the tons of paper and cardboard that are put under the tree of 25 million families who, among packages, packages, gifts and panettone, produce more than three kilograms of packaging waste: IL investigates how and who is dealing with it in Italy .

In the new number of reports, (in Ireland it is a record of growth; in Ghana in 2030 it will be paid without cash; in Mexico, Silicon Valley is called Guadalajara; in New York, Asphalt Art conquers the city …) could not miss the services of luck, this time also thanks to the Fisco with the lottery of the receipts or using a tarot deck to tell the story of the art and also to foresee the future of the readers of IL.

In addition, appointments, kermesse, inaugurations of exhibitions, happenings, books to read and cinema not to be missed, fashion, beauty, recommended trips, and even Storiaccie (column of surveys and current affairs), a rich and unmissable number.

The number is supported by a press campaign planned for the 24 Ore Group media, from the exhibition circuit of the new digital iRotors placed at newsstands in Milan and with an exhibition of the magazine edited at newsstands on the days of the release. Furthermore, IL will be promoted with an organic social campaign (facebook, instagram, twitter) with ad hoc posts and videos and the presence of the number on the Sole 24 Ore app, supported by a letter of introduction to the readers.

For more information on planning the magazine: info.system24@ilsole24ore.com