In these summer months, the new issue of How to Spend It, beginning from June, tells about a luxury “easy” summer.

Attention to the summer “easy wear” trend, full of comfort, even in formal looks. Thanks also to the worldwide summer events of the summer 2016 – The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the European Football Cup, but also the Centenary Copa America, the Tour de France, Wimbledon, the Ryder Cup golf – the new trend in luxury fashion is to eliminate more and more the border between working time and leisure time.

That’s why the cover story is dedicated to the two wheels sport; while the menswear shooting is dedicated to comfortable military wardrobe, a mix of sporty and casual, which becomes part of everyday wear responding to the desire of action also in the style. Another new trend is to attend the gyms of yesteryear, returning to the good old parallel bars exercises, rings and jungles gym, but with a new training methods, absolutely “contemporary.”

It is “easy” also the world of beauty: from the anti-aging, wellness and longevity concept to the years of “anti” creams and treatments to a new idea of ​​beauty as pleasant and not obsessive research, linked to a healthy lifestyle and corresponding to our rhythms and real needs.

Even the luxury travel is “easy”, in an “easy” nature: from the most comfortable airlines to the most exclusive hotels, luxury in trips and holidays, without giving up the high quality, is relaxed in services, food, means of transport, places to visit. And the June journey leads once again the reader to the land of the Olympics 2016, in Brazil, away from the bustle of the festive crowd even if only a few hours from Rio and Sao Paulo, to find very relaxing corners, the pleasure of pure air, clean water, all in a low environmental impact structures.

The new issue of How to Spend It is available at the newsstands as of Friday 3rd.