Dondald Trump: what kind of President?

IL, the monthly magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore, is back again this month trying to shed light – through the analysis of Christian Rocca – about which kind of President will be Donal Trump starting from next 20th January. The attempt – it would appear – impossible because “there is no coherent ideological framework of trumpismo” says Rocca. “Trump is neither a liberal nor a conservative, not a progressive or a reactionary, perhaps it is all these things together, and it certainly can be anything at any time.”

The COVER STORY instead analyzes how the hippie thought for many important aspects have been treated up to losing the specificity that is signaled as an antagonist culture and instead become the dominant culture. It is enough to look around to see that many hippies have won the battles. The magazine examines it through the analysis signed by Vincenzo Latronico.

The EXTRA section take place some thoughts on how to lose time on the Internet. Books and songs have imposed a commonplace conservative and moralistic: smartphones and the Network would make us detached, superficial and indifferent to others.
IL will be on sale with Il Sole 24 Ore on Friday 25 November.