American Elections Focus

In view of the vote that will define the geopolitical equilibrium of the next few years, IL has gathered some of the brightest minds in the United States to talk about their country and the enormous tensions that are going through and dividing it.

Four writers, a singer-songwriter, a visual artist and a political scientist, chosen by IL, in the October issue of Il Sole 24 Ore from Friday 25 September, among the most extraordinary talents of our time, tell their vision (personal and collectively) of the United States. And they help the reader to understand, on the eve of a perhaps decisive electoral appointment, what it is today, and what it could be tomorrow, that great country of theirs, precisely AMERICA.

The fashion reportage was made at the Global Cloud Data Center IT3 in Aruba (in Ponte San Pietro, in the province of Bergamo) and is accompanied by the exclusive and unpublished story, written for IL, by Tullio Avoledo who imagines the future of our data, accompanying the images taken in the largest campus data center in Italy with a total area of ​​over 200,000 square meters.

In this issue he inaugurates one of the original interview formats of IL. After the visual interview and the musical interview, from this issue the writer Gianni Biondillo begins his series of PERIPHERAL INTERVIEWS: to make the first one he entered a cloistered monastery in
heart of Milan.

Also in this issue there is no shortage of car services, animated objects that speak in the first person thanks to the pen of Enrico Dalbuono, the appointment with the Graphic Novel by Luca Crovi and the final page with La posta del Cuore to talk about feelings and intimate and family problems with Luca Ricci.

A reading tip with the soundtrack: a choice of themed pieces recommended for those who want to accompany the reading of this issue with a little good music.

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