ADS May 2018: Il Sole 24 Ore grows by 2.48%

Exploit due to the launch of new publishing initiatives, such as the one dedicated to privacy and GDPR, in addition to the stronger presence of activities linked to the school.

In the figures released by ADS – Press Release Assessment, relating to the circulation of Italian newspapers in May 2018, Il Sole 24 Ore grew by + 2.48% compared to the previous month, with the largest increase in the first three national newspapers for circulation, with a growth of more than 4,200 copies a day confirming the positive trend of the newspaper which exceeds 174,000 copies of total digital paper copies per day.

The news that contributed to the result

Some very successful publishing initiatives contributed to this growth, including the instant dedicated to privacy (24 May), just before the entry into force of the new European legislation on GDPR, and the Guide to Universities (30 May). In addition to these activities the renewed push of seasonal initiatives in schools, less present in the month of April due to the festive bridges, which will be interrupted throughout the summer period starting from the month of June, also contributed to the result.

The expected consolidation of the month of June

In May 2018 total daily paper circulation (Italy plus Abroad) amounted to 87,661 paper copies with a good resilience of the newsstand channel, an increase of 4.1% compared to the previous month, which will be further consolidated in June thanks to the launch of the new Sole 24 Ore. The newspaper directed by Guido Gentili maintains the leadership in total digital broadcasting with 86,365 digital copies, up + 1% compared to April 2018, in addition to the multiple digital copies not detected by ADS.