A new beauty

Taking care of yourself is a priority. To stay in balance, to feed the mood with positive vibrations, to remember to be happy. Cultivating THE ART of living better from Friday 6 November 2020 with Il Sole 24 Ore.

Natural science, chromium and aromatherapy, mindful eating: a vertical of well-being. For the first time HOW TO SPEND IT comes out on newsstands with a Speciale Bellezza from Friday 6 November with Il Sole 24 Ore and.

In this issue entirely dedicated to beauty, therefore, we talk about high perfumery and cosmetics, but also about technology that contributes to fitness and well-being, mindful eating and doc food to treat the prevention of aging, travel and fashion from within. and design.

The magazine contains a wellness map, a guide to the ten best spas in Italy, where otium is grown together with the most advanced research. Great attention is also paid to design that improves the quality of the air inside the home, vegetable gardens and domestic gardens. Global beauty trends move between great classics or novelties capable of combining sustainability and safety. And even a special guest like the bestseller of the year Valerie Perrin who gives the readers of HOW TO SPEND IT her memoir-story on the evocative power of perfumes and food because it is enough to touch the right scented notes to travel, invent characters, give consistency to memories.

The second appointment of this month with HOW TO SPEND IT will be on newsstands on November 20 with the Special Accessories for her and for him.

Still on the subject of Beauty, on 11 November a special will be published with Il Sole 24 Ore that will fully explore the cosmetics sector, dealing with the following macro themes:

-Beauty as an important economic sector for made in Italy: the framework of the sector.
-The importance of sustainability and beauty green.
-Strategies for e-commerce.
-M & A: the concentration did not stop even with the health emergency
-A Focus on new products: from perfumes to make-up, from skin care to solar products

The special is expected to have an extra circulation compared to the daily newspaper, of 5,000 copies distributed in about 80 points of sale in the Douglas / LA Gardenia / Limoni chain, in the main Italian cities.

The Special will be 20 total pages (10 editorial + 10 ADV) and available on the ilsole24ore.com website. With this initiative, the Group’s attention to the Beauty / cosmetics system is strengthened together with the Beauty Special of HOW TO SPEND IT.