24ORE Group for beauty sector

In May, the 24 ORE Group is on the field for complete information on the beauty sector: from the Special Beauty Report of the newspaper, to the glossy monthly of the Financial Times How to spend It and finally the COSMESI 2021 Report created by 24 ORE Ricerche e Studi for an all-round sector analysis.

In the Beauty Report of Il Sole 24 Ore – on newsstands on Tuesday 11 May with the newspaper – the companies of the sector describe projects and development strategies to support the relaunch, the difficulties they had to face, how they reacted and the changes that the pandemic will bring.

Furthermore, the twenty pages of the Special Beauty – with 50% of advertising and a significant number of new brand – include a focus on the best practices made in Italy of sustainable beauty, the analysis on the trends of the sector and the new products, from skincare from make-up to perfumes and treatments for body and hair.

There are also insights on solar products, protagonists of the hot season, increasingly innovative and versatile, to prepare for summer.

25% of companies during the first lockdown were able to quickly convert production in favour of hand sanitizing gels – the most requested cosmetic during the pandemic which they supplied for free to healthcare institutions in need of it, managed however to compensate at least in part the losses in turnover deriving from the changed purchasing habits of consumers, who have turned more towards products for cleaning the body and hair care and definitely less towards make-up and perfumes due to the lockdown effect and the obligation to wear a mask.

The cosmetics sector – after closing a 2020 with a decrease of 12.9% in turnover to 10.5 billion euros and 16.7% in exports – is ready to restart.

Cosmetica Italia foresees, in fact, a 2021 recovery of 6.1% for revenues, 5% for exports and 9% for consumption. There are many challenges to be faced to resume the path of growth, which in any case will bring the sector back to the levels of 2019 only next year: the demand has shifted towards hybrid and multifunction products, effective and practical to use, with packaging that preserves the content from external and sustainable contamination.

In the new issue of How to Spend It on newsstands, the themes of beauty are addressed with a new look on the wellness and personal care sector. Beauty is health and there are many spas and wellness centers that are specializing in solving a problem that is affecting more and more Italians, the social jet lag caused by the pandemic.

Here are then the most advanced treatments: from neuroacoustic relaxation to sleeping centers, as well as, of course, soundproofing processes for suites and rooms. A tour among the beauty addresses to write down the name of the best facialist or the most desired nail artist in Hollywood. From head to toe, a carnet of the best hair, face and body professionals. And again: cosmetics and sustainability, a survey on how large companies in the sector face the ecological challenge.

The 24 ORE Group’s information offer for the sector is completed by the COSMESI 2021 Report produced by 24 ORE Ricerche e Studi, the structure of the 24 ORE Group that analyzes the various sectors and markets from an economic and financial point of view.

The Report offers a complete view of the Italian, European and world cosmetics market, analyzes the main quantitative evidence and key numbers to frame the sector in its related economic and financial context. The analysis of the industrial sectors takes place through an original methodological approach that operates on a historical and forecasting basis that allows to derive sectoral performance and risk indicators, with which to carry out benchmarking analyzes of individual companies. A specific focus is dedicated to e-commerce channels: financial and economic data, production capacity and consumption numbers, industry trends and forecasts.

The COSMESI 2021 Report updated to April 2021 will be available from the end of May. Communication in support of the beauty supply chain has been planned on the press, digital and social media of the 24 ORE Group.

For more information on planning: info.system24@ilsole24ore.com.