24 ORE GROUP: 24 ORE Eventi is born

The new company led by Federico Silvestri offers an innovative approach and various communication solutions, guaranteed by the quality and authority of the Sole 24 Ore System.

24 ORE Eventi is the new company born from the concentration between the business unit dedicated to events recently acquired by 24 Ore Business School and 24 ORE Live, the dedicated business unit of 24 ORE System, with the aim of presenting to the market a single structure that further enhances the 24 ORE Group’s commitment and focus in the publishing events sector.

The new company is chaired by Giuseppe Cerbone (Chief Executive Officer of the 24 ORE Group) and Chief Executive Officer Federico Silvestri, who joins this role with the positions of General Manager of the 24 ORE System advertising concessionaire, CEO of 24 ORE Cultura and the Management of the Radio Division 24.

24 ORE Events offers a calendar of events through which to amplify themes and content developed in collaboration with all the journalistic editorial offices of the 24 ORE Group and, alongside the Daily, the Magazines, the Digital, the Social, the Press Agency and the Radio , complete a unique information platform in Italy.

The initiatives conceived and implemented by 24 ORE Events and marketed by 24 ORE System represent an opportunity for Partners to strengthen brand awareness and an opportunity to contact a qualified target represented by entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, academia, institutions who are, at the same time, readers, listeners, users, and therefore users of the Group’s information platform.

The dense calendar of events ranges from the vertical analysis capacity – dedicated to the main reference industries – to the analysis of the individual industrial districts of the territory, passing through appointments dedicated to specific issues and, more generally, all that the current situation puts at the center of the debate and the Information Agenda.

The editorial production of 24 ORE Eventi is further enriched by the ability to conceive tailor made projects conceived and created by collecting inputs and needs directly from the market and at the same time maintaining a strong link with the present and the opportunities to be seized and a vision on future developments and trends.

“With the birth of 24 ORE Events – explains the CEO Federico Silvestri – we enhance and systematise the great experience of the 24 ORE Group which, in this sector, is already a reference, putting it at the service of the Companies and Institutions that want to communicate in a different and more incisive way, adding its brand to a system of contents guaranteed by the depth of analysis, the authoritativeness and the quality of the information of our group. A noble content, the one produced in the context of our events, amplified by the communicative power of our platform which, among the Press, Radiocor Agency, Radio24, Digital and Social, is truly unique on the market. What we offer is the ability to involve stakeholders, through a high added value relationship brand, put at the service of the ability to provide information, capable of determining change and useful to the communication objectives of the Partners who, from time to time, they will join us “

The editorial production of 24 ORE Eventi Srl for 2020 includes:

The Summits, annual conferences to deepen the state of the art of the reference Industry (Telefisco, Real Estate & Finance, Business Tech Forum, Welfare & HR, Investing in Milan, Food & Made in Italy, Luxury, R-Economy, Investing in Africa, Investing in Canada, Lifesciences, Pharma & Biotech, Energy, Consumer & Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Sport & Business, Generation Summit).

The Thematic Paths dedicated to themes ranging from the Female World to Mobility, up to Research and Technological Innovation (Women of …, Lessons of the future, Mobility, CyberSecurity).

Roadshows dedicated to the comparison with the entrepreneurial and institutional excellences expression of the territory (Innovation Days, Smartland and GIOIN)

Finally, the Event Partnerships, format dedicated to those who want to organize their event at the headquarters of the 24 ORE Group.