12 years. new season. First episode.

IL becomes Il. Ever thought of a newspaper as a cult series?

April 3rd is the date to discover the ‘new season’ of Il, the magazine of the Sole 24 Ore: new logo, new format, new international art direction, new editorial scan.

From the magazine to the integrated digital platform, social and events. Each issue an episode, with an event cover.

Ciak, you print! 10 new episodes, 10 guest stars, 10 set changes. Born 12 years ago, “Il” comes out in a completely renewed version. And each issue will be a surprise, each time different but with a minimum common denominator: integration into the Sole 24 ORE system.

It changes starting from the protagonist: a professional attentive to fashion and style, a contemporary and avant-garde man, not influenced by, but passionate about, not a follower but a leader. A consumer of top of the range products, but also innovative ones that can be an expression of themselves.

New image, with international art direction & photography, a network of talents and professional guest stars among international photographers and fashion editors to interpret the product culture in the fashion, design, auto, food and all key sectors in an original and unique key of the magazine.

New episodes: 10 issues developed with the new concept of cover drop: an editorial plan in which each cover is an event, a special release, through the strength of an idea that is able to be talked about, transforming each issue in an object of desire for the reader, a limited series.

New is the screenplay or the open and inclusive editorial scan where the hierarchy of topics is replaced by the hierarchy of treatments.

An all-round evolution: not only a newspaper renewed in content and image, but a newspaper that will be new every month, thanks to special initiatives, starting from the cover-event, for a new adventure, for a new episode.

All this is possible thanks to the revolution of the new format that enhances verticality, as in reading on devices and smartphones.

The new logo is revolutionary and essential: radically essential, at the same time hypermodern and primitive.

The editorial structure passes from a hierarchy of topics to a hierarchy of treatments: it will have a comb structure, with vertical ‘navigation’ graphic elements.

The new graphic design is the result of collaboration with MA + Creative, part of M + AGroup, an international player present in New York, London, Paris and Milan with active innovative partnerships from fashion to luxury, from publishing to technology.

What’s in the new “Il”? More fashion, but not only. New sections and new services aimed at all male passions: in each issue even more technology, more cars, more motorcycles, more wine.

“Il” is a journal of contemporary protagonists who will be discovered, investigated, told, interviewed with narrative formats that are different and tailored every time.

“The” has an Il-factor: it claims to be useful always, even in entertainment. Its mission is to create pleasure in everything that creates product culture, personal power, well-being and economic success.

This is why “Il” is the coach for success, with new spaces for coaching and training for success to be elegant, confident, informed, connected and connoisseur, sporty, innovative, globetrotter and globalized.

Not only. The new “Il” becomes an integrated platform enriched by a new vertical section within Sole24ore.com, by an increasingly relevant social presence, by an unprecedented editorial production in the bookstore and by a system of exclusive events. The magazine will then be supported by both an advertising and social communication system and by extra functional runs for a targeted distribution activity for each issue with the aim of increasing visibility and the target.

A taste of the new “Il”, which will debut on newsstands with Il Sole 24 Ore on March 27, was revealed today as an exclusive preview in the suggestive setting of the Piccolo Teatro in Via Rovello in Milan, where customers and advertising investors were invited to a special “Breakfast at the Theater” introduced by a monologue by Massimo Popolizio on male identity.

From the stage of the Piccolo Teatro the General Manager of the 24 ORE System advertising agency Federico Silvestri explained: “With the new original concept of” Il “, our partners will have the opportunity to be the ‘protagonists’ of what will become the ‘series’ of the year, characterized every month by an ‘event-episode’ with guest stars and international brands from the world of photography and followed by a very high-end audience, attentive to everything that is new and exclusive. The innovation will be represented above all by a new platform integrated into the Sun System which guarantees amplified editorial visibility. ”

“We are very happy to present the new” Il “to the market to which we wanted to add an ‘international dimension’ in the concept and collaborations, as an increased observation point, which will be developed through an innovative platform on paper, digital, events and books” said Karen Nahum, Deputy General Manager of Publishing & Digital of the 24 ORE Group during the meeting.

The editor of the monthly magazine “Il” Nicoletta Polla Mattiot recounted the new philosophy of the magazine, underlining how “in a global world, stopping is equivalent to taking a step back, changing means keeping up, innovating is pushing one step forward. The drive for the future feeds the new season of IL.

It is not an obsession with the new, but propulsion at its best, and there is no limit to the possibility of improvement. Hence the desire to offer our readers a target-based, cross-platform newspaper that surpasses the classic “front” vision. The – concludes Nicoletta Polla Mattiot – is a starting point, invites the reader to continue. It leverages the power of the imagination to move from emotion to action. First read and then do (go out, invent, build, explore, try new experiences, join a network). ”

And as in the best series, TO BE CONTINUED! Today’s at the Piccolo Teatro was in fact only the first teaser. Even the presentation of “Il” is structured in “episodes”. Special editions, special guests, special events: the next appointment will be in 10 days for another revelation.