The attention to innovation and the constant effort to try out new ways are the basic drivers of the 24 ORE Group. System24 has in its portfollio all necessary media to communicate with an advanced target audience which is also keen to try new technologies and prepared to accept even those drastic changes caused in our lives by the new technologies.

The magazine La Vita Nòva, purposely designed for iPad, represents a strong evidence about the kind of approach of the 24 ORE Group to the new technologies and particularly to the interest shown in current changes of the way to provide news and information.

Beside Il Sole 24 Ore, the superior planning context, System24 recommends the weekly Nòva24, which is in constant evolution through Nòva24 Frontiere, NòvaAJ, Nòva24 Progetti and the monthly magazine IL, suitable for high-impact and innovative ad campaigns.

Nova24tech (thematic channel of provides the latest news about mobile phones, computers, videogames, internet and social networks and Nòva24 online focusing with in-depth reports on the world of technology.

As far as the radio station is concerned, Radio24 broadcasts every day Smart City, the programme about technological innovations and 2024 the programme with news about technological innovations for home, company and leisure products.