Competence, excellence, creativity, aesthetic sense: the complexity of the Fashion & Luxury sector requires an innovative, intelligent and targeted communication. That is the offer of System Advertising through its media portfolio which includes the high impact formats of Il Sole 24 ORE, Moda24 every Friday and Rapporti24 on Tuesday.

Among the various magazines, our Agency offers the excellence of How To Spend It, the prestigious international magazine of the Financial Times, beside the men's lifestyle magazine IL of Il Sole 24 ORE and 24 Hours, the quarterly magazine about the world of watches.

The Luxury Summit, which is organized every year by the "Annual & Convegni", provides an exclusive opportunity to get in contact with the players of the fashion industry.

At last, the thematic channel of featuring the on-line style-lab magazine and Radio24, which will be present at the "Pitti Immagine Uomo" in Florence, the most significant world event with regard to clothing collections and men's accessories.

The automotive industry represents for 24 ORE Group one of the most interesting sectors, both for the important economical aspect related to this sector and the general appeal for the target audience. An outright multimedia system developed around the automotive world to offer special communication opportunities to all the sector players.

Detailed analyses on the automotive industry are enhanced through the "on" & "off" media of the Group, which has the highest digital circulation among all the newspapers.

The printed sections (Rapporti24 and the Motori page of Il Sole 24 Ore on Monday) feature possible market scenarios, products innovations and the major events of the sector and continue through special multimedia in-depth reports in the related website’s section (Motori24).

Il Sole 24 Ore, under the direction of Roberto Napoletano, deals every day with pressing issues involving activities related to the production and to the development of the country. Last but not least the Energy issue and its evolution in all its forms.

For these reasons and thanks to the analytical skill of the editorial staff, Il Sole 24 Ore represents the main tool for companies of the energy sector, beside Rapporti24 (on Tuesday) and the weekly Nova 24 (on Sunday) that deals with energy issues in a very innovative way.

Radio24 deals with the mostly discussed topic about the energy, related to the sustainability and the green development, through its programmes Smart City (from Monday to Friday at 20:45), L'altro pianeta (on Saturday at 14:00) and Moebius (on Saturday at 21:00).

The 24 ORE Group is the point of reference for the financial and business community and it is considered as the only specialized and reliable media brand. The full coverage on the finance world is ensured by the multimedia system operated by System24. That is the reason why our Agency is the most reliable and competent to deal with communication matters in this sector.

Both the daily newspaper (Il Sole 24 Ore) and the Website ( are the ideal media to communicate with professionals, being the leading media in Italy and reaching the highest coverage of the business community, particularly through the section Finanza & Mercati, (from Tuesday to Saturday). This section deals with the world of business and finance with information about listed companies, Italian and international stock markets, bonds, foreign currencies and commodities.

Other sections of the newspaper are Rapporti24 and the weekly tabloid Plus24 focusing on finance and savings, the indispensable tool to choose the best way to invest money.

Radio24 broadcasts the very important programmes Focus Economia and Borse in diretta constantly updating on the international stock markets trend.

At last the Annual & Events division which organizes a series of conventions related to the finance sector.

The attention to innovation and the constant effort to try out new ways are the basic drivers of the 24 ORE Group. System24 has in its portfollio all necessary media to communicate with an advanced target audience which is also keen to try new technologies and prepared to accept even those drastic changes caused in our lives by the new technologies.

The magazine La Vita Nòva, purposely designed for iPad, represents a strong evidence about the kind of approach of the 24 ORE Group to the new technologies and particularly to the interest shown in current changes of the way to provide news and information.

Beside Il Sole 24 Ore, the superior planning context, System24 recommends the weekly Nòva24, which is in constant evolution through Nòva24 Frontiere, NòvaAJ, Nòva24 Progetti and the monthly magazine IL, suitable for high-impact and innovative ad campaigns.

Nova24tech (thematic channel of provides the latest news about mobile phones, computers, videogames, internet and social networks and Nòva24 online focusing with in-depth reports on the world of technology.

As far as the radio station is concerned, Radio24 broadcasts every day Smart City, the programme about technological innovations and 2024 the programme with news about technological innovations for home, company and leisure products.

The 24 ORE Group offers a wide range of products intended for professionals and the opportunity to be partner in initiatives related to the main professional categories as lawyers, business & financial advisers and notaries.

Il Sole 24 Ore is the leading newspaper for professionals, the point of reference for the legal economic and high-level target audience which requires timely information about laws, regulation, and economic events.

In particular, the section Norme & Tributi deals with the emerging themes (such as the statutory audit and the civil mediation), tax law, labour law, civil law, penal law, administrative law and with themes related to the organization and the management of the office. Telefisco which is a convention related to this section, is the only event in Italy able to gather a huge number of experts on fiscal, tax and legal matters.

Direct marketing gives the possibility to hit the target audience in a detailed way by means of the Group's database or through the list of names given by the client.

Annual & Events organizes conventions of interest for professionals, which represent a good opportunity to get in contact with this target audience.

For twenty years the 24 Ore Group, through 24 ORE Cultura (company of the group), has been very active in the culture sector, offering to the large audience art, photography, architecture and design through the organization of big exhibitions and the publishing of prestigious illustrated art books.

24 ORE Cultura has recently been granted the concession and the management of the spaces of the Museo delle Culture Extraeuropee - MuDec in Via Tortona - Milan.

In this prestigious surrounding, System24 offers to its clients a wide range of communication solutions, such as the sponsorship of the exhibition, or special events within these spaces.

Furthermore, System24 offers advertising planning on Domenica (the most authoritative newspaper-insert of culture among the Italian publications) and a series of programmes broadcast by Radio24:

  • Il cacciatore di libri, Un libro tira l'altro (books and reading suggestions)
  • La rosa purpurea, Audiogrammi ( big movies)
  • Radiotube (web new trends)
  • Sound Check, Musica maestro (music)
  • Il Sabato del villaggio (culture)