IL – The magazine of Il Sole 24 ORE

Renewed starting from the number 100 (with the number 100 celebrated its first 10 years of life) the new IL is directed by Guido Gentili and curated by Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot (which from January 2018 leads the integrated editorial office of luxury magazines and 24 ORE Group lifestyle).

IL has changed while remaining 100% IL: the male in-depth and entertainment of the Sole 24 Ore with its identity and its strengths.

The range of contents is varied and diversified, the hierarchy of news is clear, the harmonious, consistent and round fading, the newspaper is to be read from the first to the last page.

Reading is in fact the priority of IL understood as a journalistic deepening, as a surprising look at the world, because IL means the point of view, the cutting of the articles, the language.

IL wants to address the man who seeks information and entertainment, deepening and self-affirmation, success and desire for experimentation, a man who wants to have a sense of what is happening in the world, the possibility of forming an opinion of all that is contemporary, with an open and attentive look to know how to live (local to attend, places to know, trips to do, sports, styles, well-being).

IL presents itself with two new columns, rest area, dedicated to leisure and time for itself, and acceleration lane to satisfy the desire for adventure and international novelties. With a density of content that focuses more on depth than on quantity, a high and accessible language, for an open dialogue and identity with the reader.



Publisher: Il Sole 24 ORE S.p.A.
Editor-in-chief: Fabio Tamburini
Price: out on Friday at € 1.50 bundled with Il Sole 24 ORE, at € 0.50 sold alone throughout the month

circulation and readership

450,000 readers per issue Strongly technology-oriented (142), they are also greattravelers, both for work reasons (158) and for tourism (138). They invest great resources also in their ownhome (193), frequently enriching the house with new furniture (172) and accessories (129). Heavy users of cars, they love to drive (128) and are particularly attentive to the brand (140) and to advertising (162). Attentive to their look invest in cosmetic products (238) and are particularly attentive to the brand (126).They spend a lot on clothingand accessories (169) and wear valuable watches ( 176). They are very informed savers (180), providing opinions on financial products to be subscribed(218) and they buy and sell financial products online (198) 160,000 copies distributed (paper + digital) Sources: Publisher estimation, for readers; based on Audipress 2018/3, Tssp 2018b


page format: mm 286h x 233w (+ 5 mm trim)

Until number 54 the formats will be: mm 288h x 235w (+5 mm trim)