Professioni 24

The section is devoted both to professionals and to business management. In the foreground, the choices of how to respond to market trends and expand the customer base, with cases of excellence and rankings.

The section deals also with the practical matters such as bank financing, policies, relationships with employees and partners, marketing, web and technologies. Professioni 24 is an active monitor on European and regional funds and a compass for young people starting they careers.

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Editor-in-chief: Fabio Tamburini
Frequency: weekly (Monday)


Total circulation (print + digital): 148.583 Digital copies circulation: 87.653 (Source: ADS May 2021)   Readership: 785,000 readers (source: Audipress 2020.III - paper and/or replication).

Gender Male 63% Female 37%
Qualification Degree 47% High School 43%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 41%
Geopraphic area North West 36% North East 16% Centre 21% South and Islands 27%



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