Nòva 24 Frontiere

It is the weekly appointment devoted to technological innovation. It is not simply the use of new technologies, but also the role of new services and goods aimed at improving the lives of people who benefit from the evolution of digital.

The awareness of the opportunities offered by innovative technologies and solutions increases and therefore also the desire to know them, understand them in order to use them. An in-depth study of Nova 24 every Sunday is the tool to help us understand digital and the effects it can have on our lives and our society, always with an eye to the future.

For more information on planning: info.system24@ilsole24ore.com

Editor in-chief: Fabio Tamburini
Periodicità: weekly (Sunday)


Total circulation (print + digital): 137.396 Digital copies circulation: 87.017 (Source: ADS April 2022)   Readership: 732,000 readers (source: Audipress 2021.III - paper and/or replication).

Gender Male 63% Female 37%
Qualification Degree 42% High School 48%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 34%
Geopraphic area North West 33% North East 22% Centre 21% South and Islands 25%



Strip mm 109hx312w (5x6)