Arredo Design 24 week end

Furniture and design excellence of Made in Italy is recognized all over the world.

Italy occupies a very important position in this sector and, in particular in the last year, furniture has experienced an important moment of rethinking: the house has become a refuge, an office, a space for socializing. New issues such as sustainability and energy-saving have become central to consumers and companies that increasingly have to design and produce objects that meet the needs of new, more attentive, more aware consumers.

Therefore, space in the weekly pages of Furniture and Design 24 to market trends, new materials, the most innovative, flexible and technological furnishing solutions.

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Editor-in-chief: Fabio Tamburini
Frequency: weekly (Sunday)


Total circulation (print + digital): 137.396 Digital copies circulation: 87.017 (Source: ADS April 2022)   Readership: 732,000 readers (source: Audipress 2021.III - paper and/or replication).

Gender Male 63% Female 37%
Qualification Degree 42% High School 48%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 34%
Geopraphic area North West 33% North East 22% Centre 21% South and Islands 25%



Strip mm 109hx312w (5x6)