Enciclopedia italiana

The quarterly magazine dedicated to Italian culture.

With the quarterly magazine ┬źEnciclopedia Italiana┬╗ Treccani gave birth, in October 2018, to a new publishing project that intends to invite readers to reflections and insights into the world of art and culture. The magazine respects the natural vocation of the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, combining the authority of contributions to the richness of the iconographic apparatus.

Each issue presents some Treccani products and, at the same time, tells the Italian and international cultural scene through articles of various kinds, thanks to thematic sections dedicated to art, literature and the safeguarding of our language, to humanistic and scientific culture and to photography .

  • Print run: 10 thousand copies (distribution through the Treccani sales network and in an e-commerce site);
  • Expected calendar: January, May and September.