The magazine that describes the “tailor-made life”: high-tailoring followed by watches, jewelry, luxury objects, and wine, food, artistic interests and cultural activites.

Arbiter was born in 1935 to describe the newly born Italian beauty industry of that time in all its forms, thus confirming the Italian creativity and the ingenuity as cornerstones of a unique lifestyle capable of conquering the world.

The choice of the title name, Arbiter, which refers to Tito Petronio Nigro – arbiter elegantiarum of the Roman Empire – wants to clearly and unmistakably emphasize, even on foreign markets, the authority of an instrument designed to export that concept of “Art of living” that the whole world recognizes as the absolute essence of our country.

The magazine collaborates with the biggest names in journalism and the most prestigious illustrators, becoming a true manifesto of masculine style and elegance.

Arbiter is credible and authoritative in talking about the passions of man, the quality, the tailoring and the value of Italian-made products.

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