Radio 24

Radio 24 – Il Sole 24 ORE is the first and only “news & talk” private radio station in Italy.

A radio station of programmes, persons, different tones and styles, resonance and emotions. A radio station that broadcasts information with passion, accompanying the listeners during the day with voices full of personality and narration skill.

A resourceful and reactive radio station moving with the times, that everyday offers to its listeners a sequence of reflections, provocations and also irony and hilarity.

Radio 24 with a multi-thematic programmes deals with current news, culture, sport, economy, jobs, health. It never stops informing and updating, it keeps staying inside the news advancing, commenting and dealing exhaustively with it through its 19 daily radio newscasts, 8 appointments with the markets, 25 updatings on traffic news, 40 programmes and 18 hours of live broadcasting everyday.

Everyday Radio 24 provides its listeners with reflections and in-depth analyses also on a website rich of news, that makes the listening upgrade beyond the usual broadcast.

With the podcasts archive, the live streaming and other audio contents, it grows more and more into a cross-media system, with a wide range of possibilities to keep oneself informed about the latest news in company with one’s favourite presenter.

The radio station has an accurate and faithful audience of high educational level belonging to higher socio-economic categories.

The programming features multi-topical broadcasts that satisfy the audience’s spheres of interest, allowing advertising planning by content affinity.

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Director: Fabio Tamburini