TPI (The Post Internazionale) is an online newspaper, founded by Giulio Gambino, which a few years after its foundation can boast of being permanently among the top 15 information sites in Italy *.

A bet won thanks to its choice to remain an independent newspaper, capable of standing on its own legs without the support of any large group or financier; the choice to remain free and independent has allowed TPI to immediately gain a large following of loyal readers who appreciate its modernity and freshness: TPI’s mission is in fact to tell the news with stories, reports and field investigations without turns of words and with clear, fast and impartial language.

TPI is a newspaper that manages to reach a growing audience, also reaching those who usually attend little information sites, paper newspapers and / or news programs and covering the whole spectrum of news: politics, current affairs, news but even the lightest ones in costume, sports, entertainment, music.

* Source Audiweb

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