Green Me

Green Me is an online news and opinion website on “green” issues, born in March 2009 with the aim of spreading behaviors and lifestyles that are more attentive to the environment and to our planet.

Green Me was inspired by a simple but concrete premise: “to change the world, we must, first of all, change ourselves”. Hence the idea of ​​proposing a practical path on the way to sustainability that begins with us, from our habits, that arises from an intention to be, or at least trying “to be friendly with the Earth”, respectful of the world around us and of those who live there.

Being Green means precisely this: being in harmony with the Earth, moreover, considering that we have to accept the fact that if the Earth absolutely does not need us, we do necessarily need the Earth.

This does not mean choosing a radical idea but trying to combine progress with attention to the issues of sustainability in the small and large actions of our daily lives.

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