Audience: 74% penetration
IC Audience: 1.126
Annual household income: 171.641

They belong to the top business community, covering important managerial and executive positions.
They have very high income and look after their own assets personally, including financial and insurance products. They spend a lot of money on clothing and accessories to attest their own socioeconomic status.

Audience: 18% penetration
IC Audience: 203
Annual household income: 162.000

They belong to the upper middle class. They love travelling and enjoy life. They have a busy social life, going to trendy places with friends. They take good care of themselves as they want to maintain a youthful appearance.

That is the reason why they want to keep up with the latest fashion trends. The brand enriches the person's image. They pay particular attention to the food, to the health and personal care. They also attend high-quality cultural events.

They are also quite dynamic in terms of finance and eager to invest their money in a profitable way. They follow with interest the advertising about financial services.

Audience: 40% penetration
IC Audience: 443
Annual household income: 135.990

Over 30-year-old, graduates, with high income. They enjoy life, going out with friends. Wealth is the most important aspect and money is the measure of success. Career women who constantly read the financial pages of the daily newspaper. They do not hesitate to spend money and don't mind to spend even more for the product matching with the image they want to show.

Audience: 27% penetration
IC Audience: 302
Annual household income: 141.000

Over 55-year-old and finally free from family obligations. They are living a second youth of their life devoting more time to themselves. They also like to be kept up-to-date with what happens in the sectors of their interest.

They feel capable in terms of financial matters and are constantly informed about the market trends. They take good care of their appearance; they do their best to keep in good shape and are interested in the cosmetic novelties, buying only high-quality products regardless of the price.

Audience: 16% penetration
IC Audience: 185
Annual household income: 135.950

The future ruling class, a group of ambitious youngsters between the ages of 20 and 35 who like enjoying life without worrying about the future. Either graduates or still students, they are very busy with travelling and with any kind of cultural event.

They keep up with fashion trends and spend very much on clothing, buying only branded cloths. Their home is equipped with the latest technological products and they do influence their family in purchase decisions.

Audience: 26% penetration
IC Audience: 118
Annual household income: 135.000

Decision makers who eagerly choose and purchase products for themselves and their families. They spend for food, lifestyle and their own comfort.

Audience: 26% penetration
IC Audience: 117
Annual household income: 148.300

Men and women between the ages of 25 and 64, who belong to our Mondo24 by listening and reading our media. Persons who play an active role in the social life and consumers of our media as a lifestyle.

Audience: 27% penetration
IC Audience: 121
Income: 150.000

People + 14 years. They constantly practice sport/exercise. A target audience always in motion who loves and practice sport; an audience keen on body care and on a healthy lifestyle.

Audience: 27% penetration
IC Audience: 121
Income : 159.000

People +14 years. The enlarged target audience of men of the world 24 Ore. Men with high and mid-high income level.